Advertising is the way great brands get to be great brands.

At Natuaromatic we design and manufacture high quality perfumes for third parties ‎and distributor brands at competitive prices. Our extensive experience as a third-party ‎perfume manufacturer makes us the perfect partner when it comes to developing any ‎type of perfume or fragrance for your brand.‎


Our production capacity makes it possible for us to carry out projects of large quantities, being flexible to also realize projects for fewer units.


Our own laboratory makes it possible for us to adapt to the customer when developing unique fragrances, always ensuring with the uppermost rigor a high quality of all our products.


At Natuaromatic we take quality very seriously. We have the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management and the ISO 22716 Certification for Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices.

Integral Process

At Natuaromatic we offer you a comprehensive service that encompasses the entire process of creating your perfume, from the design of the product to its distribution. We adapt to the needs of your project!

A good starting point is essential to develop a quality project and achieve the desired results. We will begin our process of creating your perfume brand with an initial briefing in which we will gather relevant information about your brand and its values, in order to define which fragrance best represents it.

Once the briefing has been received, the concept is developed. Our team is in charge of analyzing the personal needs of each client, with the objective of making their ideas become an industrial reality

Research and development. Research and development are essential when it comes to taking a project to the next level. Through research, specific solutions and essential tools are found that optimize the quality of a new product.

Our perfumers interpret all the information provided at the briefing and then the R&D department are in charge of developing the proposal. The client is then shown the different olfactory proposals adapted to his requirements.

We have developed perfumes from all olfactory families counting on more than 300 references. Any of them can be modified and in the event that none is to the customer’s needs, a completely new one can be developed.

Packaging is a means of information and the visible face of the brand to the consumer, influencing the consumer’s purchasing preferences and behavior. Our Marketing department is in charge of packaging design and offers you the possibility to make all the applications in stationery and promotional material.

Our purchasing department is supplied with all the necessary elements for product development.

To guarantee the highest quality in our products, once they are finished, stability tests are carried out to know how the product behaves from its manufacture to its expiration, under different conditions.

In addition, before starting production, we subject the product to compatibility tests to ensure that the product is suitable for a particular packaging.

Dermatological tests are essential when it comes to products that will come into direct contact with the skin. Therefore, in Natuaromatic we carry out all the necessary dermatological tests to evaluate skin compatibility of all cosmetic products on individuals under dermatological control.


The process of maceration in perfumery is essential for the final quality of the product. At Natuaromatic we have the necessary technology to carry out a special maceration with noble gases that prevents oxidation and external contamination, which means a 43% increase in the quality of our products.

The main objective of the packaging is to wrap the product, but also to ensure smooth logistics and provide the product with adequate protection, guaranteeing its durability and maintenance.

The packaging and assembly process requires multiple inspections including labelling, coding, printing quality, integrity and guidance by our team of skilled workers. Taking into account all the functions that the packaging must fulfill, we offer packaging solutions that meet the general needs and also the specific needs of each customer.

Once the process of producing the perfume has been completed, we take care of sending it to the place you require. We can also handle the distribution of your brand.

And we also offer you

We contribute all our knowledge in the sector to make your project viable and advise you on all the possibilities so you can develop in the market and those which best adapt to your business model.

We offer you competitive solutions. We adjust to your budget to offer you different possibilities to realize your project. Contact us without obligation.

In Natuaromatic we travel the world exploring new places and cultures in search of the best and most exclusive essences. Our ingredients come from over a hundred countries.

If you don’t have the brand yet, we can design it, so that the product reaches the recognition it deserves, through labels, cases, screen printed glass and others. We can also design all your stationery and promotional applications.
– Design of corporate identity
– Label design and screen printing
– Design of the case


When your brand is launched we will continue walking hand in hand, with  continuous following to advise you on the aspects detailed above.


Fill out our form and our team will contact you to provide you with all the information you need to start your project.

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